Check-ins for you and your delegates

Check-ins for you and your delegates

This blog was written by the founder of Stress Matters, Laura Capell-Abra.

The long queues, the inability to find the registration email, the failing QR code, the general waiting around – there are some things that I’m not missing about live events!  The check-in process can be painful but it is necessary.  Many events and hotels have nailed the process but there are few companies that have nailed the check-in process with the team.

Our favourite question at Stress Matters is “How are you doing?”  That is the ultimate check-in question.  Delegate or Crew.  Ask the question, wait, and then LISTEN to the answer.

It sounds simple, and it is simple, but we don’t do all do it.  Remember how we are always told the simple way tends to be the best way?

We ask the question whilst handing over an event guide or rushing past someone in the corridor.  We are not good at taking the time to listen and hear the answer and it is simple to do.

How often do you check in with people on an event?  Delegates or crew?

Our industry is full of yes people and Obligers – people that have a tendency to put other people’s needs before their own.

It’s what makes us good at our jobs.

We make our clients and delegates feel special. We are not very good at making ourselves feel special.

We need to work on that.

Four-small-words, How. Are. You. Doing?

Said in the right tone can make someone feel heard.  Of course, you need to listen to the answer so that’s the next step!

Check in with your crew on site – how are they feeling about stuff?  When they’re running around, are they enjoying it or is the pressure building up?  Don’t just do it once, do it every couple of hours.  Online or offline.

Go check-in with that delegate who asked you 15 questions before they even joined the online event and then hasn’t contributed once in the event.

Listening and offering empathy to people is a hard skill for many to learn but it is a skill that can save people’s lives.  Sounds dramatic but it’s true.  It is estimated that depression has doubled in adults over the pandemic.  Checking in with four simple words could start a conversation that could change someone’s life.

Let’s nail the four-word check-in process.  For all of us.

Stress Matters offers subsidised mental health first aider training to the events industry in conjunction with Unique Venues of London.

Their next public online course starts on the 28th September and for £230 + VAT, you can learn the skills to spot the symptoms of mental ill health, how to listen more effectively, the support that is available to people and how to practice good self-care.

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