IBTM Insights: the latest events industry trends and news

IBTM Insights: the latest events industry trends and news

As our industry begins to rebuild and recover from the pandemic, here we take a look at some the key trends and insights that reveal how our industry has changed and how we’re adapting for the future.

Wish you were here

It doesn’t have to be an either/or situation when it comes to virtual events. Event Manager Blog reports how destinations such as The Japan National Tourism Organisation (JNTO) has embraced the use of virtual to help them engage with event planners now as well as generating a pipeline of planners keen to visit in person when they can.

Japan is offering virtual tours of key sites and venues as well as interactive cultural experiences such as zen mediation and Japanese cooking, designed to whet the appetite for things to come. They have also created an online Hosted Buyer programme, and as an added incentive, attendees will be given priority access to on-site hosted visits once they resume.

9 to 5?

The government may be keen to get us all back to work in offices, but will this be the reality of work-life going forward? An article in The Guardian finds that in the UK, only a third of us are back in offices, compared to almost three-quarters of our European counterparts, according to analysis from US bank Morgan Stanley’s research unit AlphaWise.

French and Italian companies are leading the way in getting back to the office, with 83% of French office staff and 76% of Italians returning.

While for some, office life is ideal, especially for younger employees and those living in shared accommodation, for others, a healthy mix may be preferred. Conference News writes that either way, good employee communication and engagement is crucial to ensure that everyone is happy and on-board with any possible return.

You time

As many of you will know, Event Wellbeing Week has become Event Wellbeing Month this year, with each week in September celebrating a different aspect of wellbeing, including sleep, movement, nutrition and action with events, podcasts, activities and blogs on each subject.

This week Jacqui Edmiston, who has worked in mega-events for the past 22 years, including The Olympic and Paralympic Games, will present a session designed to empower busy people with tangible tools to manage stress, enhance wellbeing and build the mental fitness needed to not only survive, but thrive.


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