Webinar on demand: Game Changing MICE Technology for your Event

Webinar on demand: Game Changing MICE Technology for your Event

“Inspiring, engaging and informative!” – Natella, Brand manager

Last week we welcomed two serious event tech experts to ibtm world for a game changing webinar on MICE technology. Thorben Grosser (EventMobi) and Julian Jost (Spacebase) talked us through the evolving event tech options, and explained how to use MICE technology to soothe our biggest pain points.

If you missed the live session, the webinar is available free on demand.

So how can event technology soothe the biggest pain points of #EventProfs?

Engage your audience

In a live poll, our webinar attendees said that their number one pain point was audience engagement.

It’s not enough to get the people in the venue. You can beat your pre-reg target by a mile and it won’t matter a jot if you can’t engage people at the event.

What event technology can help you engage your audience?

  • Audience Response Systems
  • Digital Goody Bags
  • Gamification
  • Digital Signage and live display
  • AI for matchmaking

Use Audience Response Systems and gamification apps to create conversation with attendees and give them power to shape their event experience. Use Live Display to communicate schedule updates, and show real time audience feedback through social feeds.

Plan better, more efficient events

Our live webinar audience said their 2nd biggest pain point was time & project management.

Event planning is in the top 5 most stressful jobs out there today, topped only by military roles and emergency services. The right event tech can slash your admin time, paperwork, and make your whole project run like clockwork.

How can event technology make your event more efficient?

  • Finding and securing a venue
  • Transport and shuttle co-ordination
  • Project management
  • Recruitment and staff scheduling

Project management platforms can help you keep track of suppliers, clients, transport and catering. Staff management apps let you recruit staff and volunteers, and connect with staff on site through in-app messaging.

Event technology has the power to transform your event, your audience engagement, and still get you home on time. It’s important to understand the options to know what will work for your event.

Watch our free webinar to find the right MICE technology for you. Make your next event the most successful yet.

Watch now on demand

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