Event Technology: Meet the Experts

Event Technology: Meet the Experts

Event technology used to be just a tool for organisation and minimising paperwork. Things have moved fast since those days, and event tech is now an integral part of any event, from planning and logistics to design and audience experience.

Event tech is evolving faster than ever, and it can be hard to stay ahead. The ibtm world team have teamed up with EventMobi to bring you the top picks in the MICE technology world, and show you how to use them to create impactful events that exceed expectations.

We have enlisted the cream of the MICE tech crop to host a 60 minute live webinar and Q & A session. Get to know our expert speakers below.

Thorben Grosser, General Manager, EventMobi Europe

Thorben’s a seasoned event planner with more than a decade of experience in the meetings and events industry. He’s a real tech enthusiast, an experienced marketer, and knows more about MICE technology than most computers.

He joined EventMobi in 2012 and heads up the company’s European office. Thorben leads a team of passionate marketers, sales and support staff. With his help, EventMobi has grown into one of Europe’s leading event technology brands.

When he’s not manning the ship in the Berlin HQ, you might find Thorben lecturing at HWTK University of Applied Sciences in Berlin, or speaking at an event pretty much anywhere in the world.

Oh, and did we mention that he also co-authored a series of events and marketing publications? And that he founded a film festival?

On top of all that, Thorben is a real nice guy. Ask him your burning questions at our webinar and get the lowdown on all things MICE technology.

Julian Jost, CEO and co-founder, Spacebase

Co-piloting the MICE tech aircraft is a man who lives and breathes technology, Julian Jost. He’s the CEO and co-founder of spacebase.com, an innovative booking platform for business collaboration. His vision is for the meetings and events industry to be more creative, flexible and efficient.

During his years as a strategy consultant, Julian realised that the meetings and collaboration culture in business was uncreative and inefficient. After he graduated with an MBA from Oxford University, he decided to follow his entrepreneurial aspirations.

Together with business partner Jan Hoffmann-Keining and industry expert Stephan Ekbergh, Julian and the Spacebase team set out to change the way we meet.

When he’s away from the Spacebase….base, Julian organises multiple creative workshops in unique environments. Basically, Julian is all about innovation and changing business for the better. We’re super excited to welcome him to ibtm world and eat up his nuggets of wisdom.

Meet Julian and Thorben on Thursday 19th October at our game changing event tech webinar. They’ll broadcast live at 13:00 BST /14:00 CEST to talk MICE technology, event management and how to engage attendees with multi-platform technology.

Find out how to use event tech to make your event more engaging, innovative and efficient. Save your spot now


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