Tech Tour: The Tech Collective

Tech Tour: The Tech Collective

There’s a bite-sized tour of start-up tech companies waiting for ibtm america delegates in our Tech Collective area. Each Tech Tour company is new to the industry and features innovative solutions of all kinds from experiential solutions, new software tools and fresh ways to make a big impact – we profile them all here.

Here’s a snapshot of our Tech Collective partners:

Cendyn is a cloud-based software and services provider that develops integrated technology platforms for driving sales and marketing performance in the travel and hospitality industry. It covers hotel marketing, guest engagement, group sales, and event management.

Hubb is a software platform that helps conference and meeting planners collect, manage and market content for their events. Hubb automates the event content management processes to free time for managers to focus on strategic planning and more efficient execution.

Feathr is a data-driven marketing platform designed to help you organize disparate sources of audience data, analyze it and deliver personalized messaging across multiple channels. Functions include website analytics to social listening, programmatic advertising to referral marketing.

Bizly is an easy to use enterprise platform for sourcing and booking small meetings and events in the best hotels and restaurants across the country. Users can book instantly, or chat directly with venues for custom events. Corporate compliance, approval rules, preferred rates, and legal requirements are automated, and Bizly returns data to drive success

GruupMeet’s private-label solutions help on-site planning teams automate critical event communications and organize program data, so that attendees have relevant and convenient information related to transportation, tours and dine-arounds. PDF airport tip sheets, paper printed departure notices and program communications are eliminated.

Glisser’s award winning audience engagement software shares presentation slides to delegates’ devices in real-time, then uses audience interaction – Q&A, polling, social feeds, private notes – to improve the attendee experience and provide useful event analytics.

SpotMe is the leading technology and service provider of enterprise engagement platforms focusing on live events, virtual and hybrid meetings and long-term engagement. It provides enterprise solutions that include apps, platform and support services.

Delegates can sign up to Tech Tours through their appointment diary in the Hosted Buyer Zone or Exhibitor Portal.

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