Ground transportation suppliers as a strategic partner for MICE industry

Ground transportation suppliers as a strategic partner for MICE industry

Hang Tran Minh (Ms) & Mayra Lopes, QUp World Inc. share their views on ground transportation suppliers as partners for the MICE industry

This article aims to illustrate the importance of suppliers in core business and how this can be a strategic partnership in the ground transportation for the MICE industry.

1) How suppliers can be a strategic partner

Goals and strategies drive a company’s success. The most important goal for a company to succeed in the market is to meet their client’s needs, and in order to achieve this aim they need a clear strategy, in addition to innovation and strategic partnerships. However if companies do not manage to provide their client with what they need, it will lead to failure.

Nowadays suppliers play an important role in a company’s core business. For most enterprises creating a strong strategic relationship with their supplier is an important step for improving fulfilment in the supply chain, in addition to making their business grow and develop. Hence why suppliers need to be trusted and consistently bring innovation as well as high quality solution to the business to ensure that the company is fulfils its potential.

One of the several benefits from suppliers is the outsourcing. Relationships with trusted suppliers can provide companies to outsource non critical activities, allowing buyers to work with specific industry and increasing efficiency.

Secondly, increased efficiency and communication, long term relationship between suppliers and customers will result to a better comprehension of the customers’ behaviour, business and processes. This allows for a greater integration of business.

Finally, long term relationships provide the opportunity for buyers to involve suppliers in a process of constant development of both products and services provided.

2) Ground transportation supplier as a strategic partner for MICE

The MICE – Meetings, Incentive, Conferences and Exhibitions – industry is one of the major drivers within the tourism industry. The MICE sector generates millions in revenues worldwide. Its future is compromiser as demand for meetings, incentives, congresses and events are still on the development.

The main goal of professionals in this industry is to provide an event of a high quality to their clients. The key factor for their success is the strategic partnership between organizers and suppliers, these two parties need to work together in order to manage all operations regarding event organization.

One of the most important details in this industry is ground transportation, how clients arrive from the airport, or their residence to their attended destination, in this case the event. This may be a management issue between ground transportations suppliers and organizers. These two parties need to work together to ensure that the client will get to the event on time and without incident.

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3) Case study with QUp World

Thus organizers need a centralized system to link them and ground transportation suppliers, in order to facilitate the reservation process and improve the management demands in the event period. The QUp World’s solution offers this kind of centralized system where organizers can manage their client’s orders with the aid of a dispatch centre and automated manager, which works alongside their supplier. Enabling communication between organizers, clients and drivers.

This centralized system also offers access to the driver’s database and clients allowing organizers to perfect their service and improve their performance with their client. Reservations may be made in advance or immediately, making it possible to organize their requests. MICE Industry often takes part in overseas events and works with people from all over the world, with the help of QUp World solution the client can even organize their taxi in their native language thanks to this application.

Generally speaking, QUp world will be the link between the supplier and event organizers, providing MICE industry organizers a solution to their issues with ground transportation management suppliers and to gain better control of operation management by integrating this solution and therefore offering their client an efficient service. By choosing QUp World organizers will be able to increase efficiency, and gain time. Thus being a strategic partner for MICE industry professionals.

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