Webinar: Ready for a brighter future: Italy restarts with full speed


Maria Elena Rossi
Marketing and Promotion Director, ENIT – Italian National Tourist Board

Maria Elena manages the Marketing and Promotion Department of the National Tourism Agency, focusing on developing, implementing and monitoring marketing plans for the tourism promotion of Italy at national and international level in coordination with regions, local authorities, category associations and other stakeholders in the tourism sector.

She is also a lecturer at the University of Turin and the University of Eastern Piedmont.

Luca Martinazzoli
General Manager, Convention Bureau Milano

Luca Martinazzoli is the General Manager of Milano & Partners, the Promotion Agency for the city of Milan. Studied Economics at Bocconi University and Urban Planning at UCLA.

He worked on brand marketing and communication for Nike (2009-2017) before devoting himself to the development of the marketing department of the Municipality of Milan.

Flaminia Roberti
Global Sales Director, AIM Group International

Flaminia Roberti is in charge of the Business Development of the AIM Group International. As an active member of IAPCO and ICCA, Flaminia teaches tourism management and marketing at several National and International University Master’s Programmes and industry associations seminars.

With over 20 years of experience in the sector, she is also a speaker at major international meeting industry events.


    • Laura Jensen says:

      Hi Ira, thank you for your interest! Simply click register on the webinar description window above the speakers to register to attend.

  1. Silva Ušić says:

    Penta Travel Agency is PCO and DMC. I manage DMC department doing only incentives inbound into Croatia and for me it is hard not to have a single incentive landing last year. My colleagues doing congresses managed to nicely do virtual congresses last year, but my incentives can not be done virtually, guests can not virtually swim into Adriatic nor can they virtually know what does the wine taste in Hvar, for example. So any input how to again tickle incentives to come is welcome.

  2. patrizia ruggeri says:

    Very interesting webinair!!!
    The first presentation has shown strongly and in detail the strenght and potantialities of Milan city to restart after pandemic period
    The second one has given an energic message about the value of the new way of working and communicating experience!

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