Top 10 Tech & Innovation: EventCollab one year on…

Top 10 Tech & Innovation: EventCollab one year on…

The Technology and Innovation Watch Award, takes place at ibtm world every year and it showcases the Top Ten technology suppliers, who have made a significant contribution to the meetings and events industry. The Top Ten are always featured in the Innovation Zone on the show floor, for all attendees to pop by and find out about the latest leading developments.

EventCollab were among the 9 runners up featured within the Innovation Zone. Here we find out how far they’ve come nearly 1 year on…

Tell us about your product and who your target audience is?

EventCollab is an event project management software developed by event producers, filling a need for more seamless co-operation throughout event management teams. It’s an online-based, one-stop place to collaborate and share schedules and documents, track time, assign tasks, and if that wasn’t enough, enable teams to chat in one place.

Our product is aimed at absolutely anyone within meetings and events and are directly involved in any part of the planning process. Anyone who needs to share documents, assign tasks, or exchange emails will find this tool helpful! Ideally, an event organiser or producer will own the event in the EventCollab app, but any stakeholders can get involved.

What changes to your business have occurred since being part of the Innovation Zone’s Top Ten at ibtm world (formerly EIBTM)?

As a start-up, our product continues to grow and evolve over time. Based on user-feedback gained on site, we have continued to develop a product that will assist every person who require a more efficient and collaborative environment to work in.

What advice can you provide to a company that wants to launch a product to the MICE industry?

Listen to your customers and prospects, and be willing to evolve based on what their needs are. Be nimble, be open, and creative about how you share the product to the industry.

What advice would you give to this year’s applicants to be successful? If you had the chance to do it again, what would you do differently?

Wear comfortable shoes and be prepared for a very diverse attendee base. I would have done some more research regarding who the attendees were going to be to ensure that I came fully prepared, but otherwise nothing else.

Outside of the Innovation Zone, what new things did you discover about the meetings industry at ibtm world?

I have several American industry friends and prospects who also attend this show, so while it is heavily a European audience, there are also participants from all around the world.

Summarise your Innovation Zone experience in 3 words.

Unique. Friendly. Exciting.

Find out more about the 2016 Tech & Innovation Watch awards at

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