Working towards a more sustainable events industry; Tips and tricks for exhibitors

Working towards a more sustainable events industry;  Tips and tricks for exhibitors

Global concerns about the environment have sparked discussion and debate in the events industry in recent months, and this has arguably been the year that sustainability has become a central theme in many events. As an industry we still have some way to go when it comes to being green – from paper to single use plastic and from food waste to our carbon footprints. With event planners and venues under growing pressure to demonstrate their green credentials, we’ve put together some quick tips to help you improve your sustainability practices on your stand at IBTM World.


Go paperless – As an industry we’d like to think that we have made a move towards paperless events and yet there is still an enormous amount of paper at most events. Instead of printing leaflets and brochures to distribute to attendees, why not put information on USBs, tablets or make use of QR code scanning? If you have to print something, consider using recycled paper or FSC-certified paper.


Bright lights – Blinding, energy guzzling lighting on stands is a thing of the past. Instead, opt for LED lighting options which are a lot more energy efficient and still have the same effect.


Waste management – So simple but so easy to get wrong. Make sure that there are recycling bins on your stand and ensure that the signage is bold and easy to read. Event attendees will visit a bin at least once or twice during a show, the right recycling bin will show that you care about the environment. How about dedicating a recycling bin that gives back? Have a recycling bin solely for event brochures that could then be recycled to produce next year’s brochure. People will be more inclined to recycle rubbish when they know and are able to see the end result.


Give back to the community – Try to keep the local community in mind and source locally where possible. For example, sourcing food or drink no more than 30 miles from the show will help businesses benefit from events being held in their town or city. Sourcing produce locally not only benefits the community and reduces food miles, it also allows attendees to sample the local area, helping to raise awareness of the offering in the destination.


Support the UN’s Sustainable Goals

The United Nations has developed a series of goals to achieve a more sustainable future across the world. It has partnered with Positive Impact to survey the events industry and determine which practices will help achieve their goals. Event professionals have been urged to take part in an online survey to contribute opinions and commitments on how to achieve these goals together as an industry.



Responsible venue

IBTM World is held at Fira Barcelona which is committed to sustainability polices focused on energy efficiency, recycling, eco-design of stands and optimisation of services to minimise the environmental impact generated by trade fair and congress activity.


You can read more about the Fira Barcelona’s CSR commitment here.


In conclusion, exhibitors can make small yet effective decisions to become more sustainable. From checking your venue’s CSR commitments to making sure you have sustainable stand design and equipment. Together with complying with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, one step at a time everyone in the events industry can make a difference.


About IBTM World

IBTM World 2019 event is expected to welcome over 2,800 exhibitors from over 150 countries, as well as over 3,500 buyers and thousands of visitors for a packed schedule of meetings, networking and educational sessions.


People who come to the event eager to learn and be inspired by different suppliers. With its expert-led conference sessions, cutting-edge technology and varied networking events, IBTM World is a fantastic experience.


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