How can we create more sustainable brand activations?

How can we create more sustainable brand activations?

Christianne Beck is an industry renowned experiential lead with specific expertise in sustainability. Having previously worked for the likes of Shell, Nissan, YouTube and Virgin Atlantic, we wanted to pick her brain on what makes a good activation and why it’s important for brands to be conscious on all levels.

When it comes to attracting Generation Z – how do think we should adapt for this new audience and what do you think brands can do to stay relevant?

Being socially sustainable and ethical is very important to Gen Z. Brands need to combine this with creativity and a genuine tone/approach to really engage with the next generation.

What are your top tips on connecting your brand messaging and activation across platforms to continue the customer experience?

ALWAYS engage with the specialists or the relevant internal teams to ensure all plans are well connected and cohesive with the activation message and the wider brand purpose. Asking key people within a business for their input is vital.

If you had to choose, what has been your favourite activation and why?

For a sustainability-focused activation, I loved Corona’s Wave of Waste. Not only is it visually stunning, but also an incredibly impactful way to share a message and create shareable content.

However, on the strength of its creativity and pure genius, I loved Desperados Deep House. At first, I thought, “What the heck has a deep water tank rave got to do with Desperados?”, but when you think about it, it makes sense: the drink combines two things you would never think to put together (beer and tequila)…. So that’s exactly what they did for their activation. Very clever.

Tell us about a time when an activation didn’t go quite to plan. What was the biggest learning you’d like to share?

I’ve encountered a number of issues while running activations- I think all experienced professionals have! However, I’d say the biggest learning from all of them is to try and think through everything that could possibly go wrong and be prepared for all scenarios. But, despite that, inevitably the thing that will go wrong will be something it’s impossible to plan for!

And finally, in your opinion, what is the key element for an activation to capture the imaginations of your audience?

Easy – a genuine tone and a creative idea, sustainably delivered.

Sustainability must be considered at every step of the activation. As consumers increasingly seek out purpose-based brand alignment, it’s vital to be true to your cause and protect the environment. As an industry, we must keep innovating and collaborating to improve the way we deliver experiences.

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