How to achieve work-life harmony

How to achieve work-life harmony

Looking after ourselves is integral to living a healthy and balanced life. I don’t believe in the term “work-life balance”.

Our personal and professional lives should not be completely separate, they should interconnect. I believe it is more about life integration, and being able to take care of ourselves and each other in the workplace. Work and life: I’ve never been able to divide the two.

One of my suggestions is to practice mindfulness because it allows us to deal with stress and anxiety. When we live in the present moment, without judgement, we are able to focus on our actions.

At Shocklogic, we take 10 minutes, once a week, to practice mindful breathing together. Our whole company connects on Zoom to take time for ourselves, and recalibrate. Also, every day during each team’s morning check-in’s a member of the team leads a 3-minute mindfulness breathing exercise.

As human beings, we all have different needs. The more self-awareness we gain, the better we start treating ourselves. Our non-negotiables should be in line with our self-management. Have we eaten well? Or did we get enough sleep?

Work-life harmony is about integrating work and life and looking after ourselves and our teams unconditionally. My aim is to create an organisation that practices compassion and kindness and to create an environment where people not only really want to come to work every day, but a place where they can grow and develop as people and as professionals.

John Martinez has over 30 years experience in the events industry, starting as a PCO and then founding his own event management technology company, Shocklogic.

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  1. Daniel Chege says:

    Balancing work and home life is essential especially if you work from home and have a big family to take care of, like me. Always have a time table for all activities that you do so you don’t infringe on the quality time you spend with your family members and co-workers.

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