Take inspiration from…the EventsCase story

Take inspiration from…the EventsCase story

Starting a company from scratch with limited resources is a difficult feat for any entrepreneur. For Jose Bort and Ivan Garcia, the founders of EventsCase, it was these limitations that made them act critically on their plans. What used to be a simple event finder and networking community has now evolved into a powerful event management software system known as EventsCase.

EventsCase’s story starts in November 2013 in London, when the founders envisioned the world’s first “professional events community”. It was an obsession to both of them, knowing that there are more than 30,000 networking events in London every year that attract up to 100 million professionals. They felt that the market was untapped so they wanted to create an online platform where attendees, organisers, and speakers could all work together.

It was no easy task, especially considering Jose Bort’s wife was pregnant and all the team were sharing a one-bedroom apartment in London. They also did not have enough capital to hire employees. What they did instead was build a co-operative tech start-up where they paid their team members with equity and expenses only (including accommodation, food and travel).

The road to success was ever-winding at first, but they did reach several pit stops that slowly helped them gain traction in the events industry. They were able to release an Alpha and Beta version of the community. Their software developers were also able to develop an AI that allowed attendees to easily find events based on their interests and pinpoint different networking groups. The platform was useful to event organizers since it allowed them to easily track user data surrounding their events and ultimately increase ticket sales.

While the community has worked in its early stages, the needs of the events industry has also been expanding – especially within the event technology sector. This prompted them to monetise their solution and transform it into what it is now – a white label event management software with full networking capabilities. Leading UK tech investors noticed the real potential of the software and have pushed the company towards a very favourable outcome.

Today, EventsCase is now a fully developed event management software that has helped small-scale event organisers from Southbank Events and the Chinese Investors Club, to top brands and corporations like dmg::events, London Business School, and Green Power Conferences, among many others. It already has operations in London (HQ), Spain, and the United States, and continues to grow its international portfolio of clients.

The strength of the EventsCase platform comes from years of knowing what attendees and event organisers really need before and during events. It started out as a community and addresses the core values and principles of event management. Right now, the EventsCase software effectively tackles all stages of the event lifecycle and assists event organisers in terms of registration & ticketing, event website creation, badging, attendee networking, 1-2-1 meetings, and mobile solutions.

EventsCase is a testament to the fact that once people truly act on their dreams, anything is possible. While challenges and difficulties remain inevitable in entrepreneurship, they can always be overcome.

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