Fresh Tech For Your Event

Fresh Tech For Your Event

One of the most popular sessions from the Big Top at #ibtmWorld was Event Tech Lab’s ‘Fresh Tech For Your Event’. The multi-media production included live, video, and SKYPE presentations from some of the newest event technology companies from around the globe. The session included a multitude of two to three minute presentations on event planning and logistics technology, event management and marketing platforms, as well as audience engagement software applications.

James Morgan, Founder of Event Tech Lab, introduced the session and set the scene for the presentations. First up was New York based guest list and badge printing company Boomset. The live presentation demonstrated how to use the tablet-based technology to streamline guest entry at events. Next – via SKYPE – the Founder of London based  Wi-5 presented their Intel© developed ‘magic box’ hardware solution. The audience saw how the small chocolate-box sized hardware delivered multi-media content to event attendees in proximity to the box, without the need for an internet connection. Luxembourg based Sponsor My Event was presented next. A short video explained how the sponsorship matchmaking platform helps event organisers and potential sponsors realise their sponsorship objectives.

This was followed by a SKYPE demo by London based Showslice. The innovative platform allows event organisers to find venues as well as other organisers who want to save production costs by sharing infrastructure in the same venue with back-to-back events.

Next to present, live on stage, was San Francisco based Event Geek. The event management platform allows organisers to manage all of a company’s events through scheduling, budgets, checklists, and other management tools, including the tracking and reporting of metrics to calculate the ROI on each event. This was followed by a Skype video call from London based entertainments platform Headliner. The platform serves as an online entertainment agency where event organisers can view videos, chat to, and book entertainment acts.

Have you interacted with a robot at an event? Evotion, the Lyon based robotics company which provides all types and sizes of robots for events around Europe presented their range of products via video. This was followed by a live presentation of SharedXP. The platform helps event organisers to engage with their networks pre-event and crowd source ideas for speakers, activities, and more, to incorporate into an event programme. Ottawa based Init Live was up next via Skype, presenting their incredibly useful technology. The mobile app allows organisers to coordinate staff and volunteers on site at an event through an easy to use mobile interface. Then it was the turn of Lausanne based Fly Another Day to present live on stage. The easy to use website allows event planners to compare dates and locations, and even take into account participant availability constraints; before making a decision on the exact date of an event. This was followed by a video from London based Giant iTab – the smart phone look-alike interactive screens, that are used on exhibition floors, at conferences, and other events. Last to present at the session was Bratislava based Event Advisor via Skype link. This is the Trip Advisor for events. Over 190 000 events worldwide appear on the website for attendees to comment and vote on.

The quick-fire session demonstrated 14 technology start-ups and was a big success. The short bursts of information on differing technologies were appreciated by attendees. Receiving the essential information has allowed them to go back to the office and do more research into the types of tech that they want to add into their technology repertoire.


Dr James Morgan is a Senior Lecturer in Tourism and Events at the University of Westminster, and the Founder of Event Tech Lab, a partnership community for event technology start-ups, developers, event professionals and investors. He is also sits on the Education Council for the International Live Events Association.

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