the future of facebook for events

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg argues that the social media channel is already doing a lot to cater for live events and they plan to keep it up, but are they taking advantage of the full potential they could offer the industry?

For now, it seems that the meetings and events industry is perhaps not on Facebook’s radar, but if one day it is, some of our #eventprofs friends recently gave me their opinion on what exactly they could do. You can thank us later Mark!

I was lucky enough to interview Mark Zuckerberg recently…my full blog and video about what he had to say is available to read here…

Guest blogger, Rosa Garriga Mora, is an events professional with special interest in designing effective meetings whose results are measurable and aligned with an organisation’s strategic objectives. Rosa combines her work as Marketing & Communications Manager of myQaa, with lecturing at several universities on meeting design and ROI. Rosa has also been included in PCMA's '20 in their twenties' inaugural class, which honours the top young professionals in the industry.

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