the best-kept secrets of LinkedIn

Exhibitions are where we make a lot of new (professional) friends in a very short period of time. Proper follow-up, through LinkedIn and other channels, is essential. Because your network is your most important resource in business: these are the people you know and turn to with questions or business opportunities. LinkedIn is an excellent tool for building and maintaining your network, but are you making the most of it?

A few questions that you should be asking yourself are….What do you do with invitations from people you don’t know on LinkedIn? Do you welcome everyone? Or do you ignore people you don’t know? There’s a middle course that may be more fruitful and get you a reliable and orderly network, new contacts and even concrete business.

At EIBTM 2014, Gerrit Heijkoop taught us five ‘hacks’ to get more business out of your LinkedIn network:


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