Remixed with Robert Dunsmore

Remixed with Robert Dunsmore

“Remixed” will be a session at IBTM World 2022 in Barcelona as part of the Culture Creates Knowledge programme.

A culture collision with the future. If you’re a student or a young event professional, or just curious, come join in our “Remixed” Culture Creates experiment.

It will be a messy-thinking-out-loud session open to all but specifically designed for students and young event professionals of the future.

Culture creates, and culture is a two-way mirror.

In partnership with tech giant Dell Technologies and creative agency OrangeDoor we have a live client event to re-imagine and “remix” through our hosted live workshop in 45 minutes.

Learn how to re-mix for new audiences, how decentralizing creativity delivers rapid idea generation, and share how the next generation wants their events to be “remixed”.

Culture Creates

Cultural progress is always a remix as generations add a new voice, often via a new technology to sample and re-frame the references they grew and developed with.

It’s a beautiful thing – learn, unlearn, re-learn and remix.

The Romans remixed the Greeks, Beyonce remixed the Chi-Lites, Drake remixed Lauren Hill to boost the “Ex-factor” and Lauren Hill put a big X through “nice for what” and remixed it back at Drake (having sampled the Wu Tan Clan in the first place).

It’s a conversation – it’s not new – it is how culture creates. A continual conversation in a collision continuum with the future.

Culture partners

Collaboration is a winning philosophy so pick your partners – open-minded, future focussed partners.

IBTM initiated the Culture Creates Knowledge programme, we discussed the programme with their partners Everywhere Brand to scope out what value a session might deliver – we decided to keep it real.

A real brief offered by Dell Technologies via their event agency OrangeDoor. Both invested and added value. I knew events agency Orange Door to be a purposeful force and a partner for UK Creative festival that champions emerging talent, and future focussed with their emerging B corp status. Dell Technologies are both insightful and experienced at listening to an audience and has amazingly matched a live brief for a retail vs live experience for us to openly debate.

Youthful culture

There is and will always be a lot of noise around “the future of events” – normally followed by someone selling a new trend that happened yesterday or a new piece of tech that might happen tomorrow.

One event certainty is youth. Our future event audiences and future event planners will be the young talent of today. Let’s invest, listen, and learn how to support them better.

The experimental nature of today’s events call for a Matrix style instant loading up of skills before entering every new event area. Now might be the time to accelerate new young talent, willing specialists that can be swiftly trained to become generalist members of an ever more agile team. A young team within a team is a foundation for inclusion, a team with more skills, a team with the confidence and security to instigate change at breathtaking speed.

A team for the future, in step with today’s and tomorrow’s audiences.

Culture club

I applaud IBTM for their Culture Creates Knowledge programme. It’s a brave initiative to leave the regular safety of event infrastructure for an open conversation with the irregular bandwidth of event culture.

The “Remixed” session at IBTM World 2022 in Barcelona will be a culture creates experiment, a culture collision with the future.

Workshop a live Dell Technologies experiential event roadshow brief for a live experience. Remix an outdated retail playbook and create an attractor space with engaging digital, playful hang-out interiors. More play-tail than retail.

If you’re a student or a young event professional, or just curiously talented, come join the live workshop to experience what it’s like to deliver big live ideas for big live clients like tech giant Dell Technologies and big live creative agencies like OrangeDoor.

Oh yes… and re-imagine a live brief to deliver a Dell Technologies experiential event roadshow “remixed” in 45 minutes.

Robert Dunsmore’s “Remixed” session will be delivered live at IBTM World on Thursday 1st November at 13.30-14.15 in the Knowledge Theatre. Register to attend here

Robert Dunsmore – Freelance Creative Director TWITTER: @robert_dunsmore INSTAGRAM: robert_dunsmore

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