learning to speak the language of leaders

Attitude is everything, but behaviour is key. We are brought up to focus on a person’s attitude, but the problem is that you can’t see attitude, only its effects. So what is attitude if you can’t see it? Why can’t we change another person’s attitude? And what are the attitudes that make a successful person?

A popular session from EIBTM last year explored what drives a person’s behaviour and what successful attitudes may look like. Participants looked at one of the most powerful models of human development and use it to deliver better results, better relationships and a better life!

They discovered language that can support effective managerial leadership and learn an attitude/personality model that can be used in communications with stakeholders immediately after the session.

Key insights were:

  • The “Big Five” personality model to bridge differences that exist among diverse audience members.
  • The concept of “attitude” in developing successful business and personal relationships.
  • Language skills that support effective managerial leadership and can be used immediately.

Watch the full session on demand here.

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