A moment with… Corbin Ball

A moment with… Corbin Ball

Corbin Ball is an international speaker, consultant and writer helping clients worldwide use technology to save time and improve productivity. With 20 years of experience running international technology meetings, he now is a highly acclaimed speaker with the ability to make complex subjects understandable and fun. We take a moment to speak to him about his continued involvement as Chairman and judge of the ibtm world Technology and Innovation Watch Awards. 

How long have you been judging the ibtm world Technology and Innovation Watch Awards?
I have had the honor of Chairing the judging committee for the past 12 years and am eagerly looking forward to doing so again this year.

What do you like most about judging these awards?
I like many things, including the collaboration with a great set of judges. My favourite part of the judging, however, is to see the diversity of new ideas and innovations that are bubbling up each year from around the world.

What advice would you give to someone wanting to launch a new event technology product or service?
Find a niche and fill it. Have someone on your team that thoroughly understands the market segment of events you are targeting. Don’t extend too far with venture capital. And, when ready to launch, promote it widely via social channels, website, F2F and other sources (make sure you have allotted sufficient funds to do so).

What excites you most about the year ahead? Biggest event tech trend prediction?
I have written an article about this very thing. Read my predictions in Nine Amazing Meetings Technology Trends to Watch in 2016. The confluence of mobile technology and social media will bring some amazing things in the next few years.

Where do you look for innovation inspiration?
There are many sources. One of the main ways is I look to advanced science and futurist blogs/newsletters. What is happening in science will work its way eventually to events and tradeshows.

What piece of event technology has really impressed you in the last 12 months?
I think wearable beacons have great potential for event improvement which will provide benefits for meeting hosts, attendees and exhibitors.

What is the number one issue you would like event tech to solve?
I would love to see a true digitization of the events logistics process (setup, BEOs, AV, etc.) so both the planner and the venue will be on the same page electronically.

Find out more about the ibtm world Technology and Innovation Watch Award and how you can enter for 2016. Entries close 2 September 2016.

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