the award winning Red Line Project

A meeting delegate holds unique knowledge; how can you access this untapped wealth of information and create an interactive learning experience? With effective and surprisingly simple tools you can set the stage for autonomous, authentic and transparent knowledge transfer, creating enormous opportunities for organisations who want to connect with their audience and increase their ROI, enabling meeting planners and designers to get an insight on how to get even more out of their meetings and events.

Martijn Timmermans,  and Rene Blom, from The Red Line Project, conducted a session at EIBTM 2014  which demonstrated the recipe for connecting with your audience, and explored the ingredients of Discover, Share and Make in the form of an interactive workshop. In 2014, The Red Line Project won the “most valuable session” award at the Fresh Conference for their “Storytelling around the campfire” session.

 You can watch this award-winning session from EIBTM 2014 here


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