innovation in meetings design

Designing more interactive and effective meetings and events depends on how sessions and functions are designed. Not just for décor and flowers and light, but the design around the purpose; the objectives.

Meeting design is therefore about designing the format, the flow, the content, the interaction and more! This is the most important evolution in our industry today. Combine that with the fast paced evolution of technology and here you have a cocktail for success (or failure if you miss it!)

You will get a presentation, demos and actual experiences of innovative tools, ideas and techniques for increasing meeting effectiveness for every new challenge, so when you have the opportunity to design the format and content of a meeting you will have a big and up-to-date toolbox… so you can make informed decisions based on the precise objective at hand.

There are several innovations for meeting design that improve the learning, support the networking and make meetings more fun; the innovations that make events or conferences more engaging and more productive. The future of meeting design is shifting in many ways and all kinds of tools are evolving to be easier, more precise, and even more affordable.

Watch a video on this from a session at EIBTM last year on demand here.

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