What does your future look like after lockdown lifts? INFOGRAPHIC

What does your future look like after lockdown lifts? INFOGRAPHIC

As part of our IBTM Asia Pacific launch, including the launch of our 2021 theme of ‘Inventing The Future’, we wanted to find out what people were most looking forward to doing after lockdown.

We shared some of the ideas that our teams had and have now been able to put together this infographic based on research by toronto.com to see what futures people are hoping to invent after the lockdown lifts in their country.

Which one of these options would you choose as your priority?

Infographic about what people are looking forward to after lockdown

Results taken from https://www.toronto.com/whatson-story/9973181-poll-what-s-the-first-thing-you-ll-do-when-the-covid-19-lockdown-ends-/ 

Looking towards the future is an exciting prospect, especially when it has been hard to plan at all before now. It’s time to start considering what the future looks like and, more importantly, what you’d like the future to look like.

Come and explore what “Inventing the Future” looks like at IBTM Asia Pacific, which will be taking place between 13-14 April 2021 in Singapore. More details can be found on our website.

Take a look: www.ibtmasiapacific.com

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