John Martinez talks about “Leadership – is it “Work-life Balance” or “Work-life harmony?”

John Martinez talks about “Leadership – is it “Work-life Balance” or “Work-life harmony?”

John Martinez, CEO and Founder of Shocklogic, an award-winning events technology company, will be presenting “Leadership – is it “Work-life Balance” or “Work-life harmony?” on Wednesday 26 August, at 15:00 BST, on the IBTM Connect BrightTalk platform.

John is a huge wellness advocate and believes that taking care of our teams is not a choice, it is a must. As leaders, we need to create a place where life is integrated, and to acknowledge that we are complete beings. When we introduce wellness, compassion, and kindness into our organisations (from any role), we entangle a chain-reaction of positive experiences beyond our comprehension.

We need to create a supportive environment, where our teams can have the freedom to express themselves, a place where they WANT to come to work every day. This makes total business sense and is no easy feat.

This webinar will showcase how to listen and communicate more effectively, and develop others as leaders, for your organisation to grow and become a success. This includes real-life practices that have been applied at Shocklogic over the years at a strategic and personal level. John will finish off the session with a live, guided mindfulness breathing exercise.

John Martinez has over 30 years experience in the events industry, starting as a PCO and then founding his own event management technology company, Shocklogic.

To attend his webinar, sign up here.

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