Hobbies and activities we’ve picked up during isolation

Hobbies and activities we’ve picked up during isolation

To cheer everyone up, we thought it would be fun to share some of the hobbies and activities our team have been getting up to during lockdown here in the UK.

Hopefully, they’ll give you a smile and maybe even some inspiration to try out some new hobbies yourself! Let us know if you’ve picked up any new hobbies too – we’re always looking for fun things to try out to stave off boredom!

Also, why not let us know what hobbies you’ve tried out too – just comment on our Facebook post here.



“When I was travelling, I worked as a cook/chef on a glamourous yacht and learned how to cook all sorts of interesting things that I’d never tried before.

During lockdown, I’ve turned back to my time travelling the oceans and back to cooking! So far we have had lots of different types of roast meats, homemade jams, cakes, biscuits. We might start theming next – fancy dress with paired wines/matching cocktails!”


“I started to learn cooking from the end of January when China implemented a strict isolation policy. With a little cooking skill, I downloaded a cooking app and learnt day by day.

After some failures, the cooking was getting better and better. The fact that the kitchen was not in a mess proved that my skills and attitude were getting better too. Meanwhile, my daughter can order whatever she’d like to have! After this, I truly believe I will keep cooking.”



“I’ve not picked up anything new, but I do find exercising is continuing to help me stay sane. I’ve got very few weights, so I swapped my focus to just getting a sweat on and doing a bit more cardio outside to get some fresh air.”



“I’ve started playing the violin, but I think I might have got to the point where I need an actual teacher now! I enjoy playing pieces that I already know the tune too, so not a huge amount of classical music!

I used to play at school; I wasn’t very good and hated practising, probably deafening my parents in the process! I think I wanted to start playing again to prove to myself that I wasn’t entirely rubbish and to take me back to an easier time in my life.”



“I have my new guilty pleasure of cross stitching! I really enjoy it as it gets me away from my laptop/phone/tv in the evening and it’s a nice creative outlet. It’s slow going so it’s the perfect hobby during this time as it’s going to keep me busy for many many weeks!

I’ve recently started a very ambitious project and I feel like I may have overestimated my ability.”

Video Games


“I’ve got into playing retro games, like Sonic the Hedgehog, on a Sega Mega Drive console. My husband and I play together and have got up to level 6 as a team – wahoo!

I wanted something to play because I was so sick of scrolling feeds and had no other projects to plan i.e. trips away. There’s always a sense of achievement and a bit of healthy competition too.”

Cocktail Making


“One thing me and my flatmates have been doing is weekly cocktail making classes at the weekend (we basically learn a new cocktail each weekend).

We enjoy it a lot as we now feel prepared coming out of lockdown and can impress our friends when we can finally see them. We wanted to start it so we could learn something new and learn something we would usually do at the weekends. ”

If you’ve picked up a new hobby in the last few months, let us know! Simply comment on our Facebook post here – we’d love to hear all about what you’ve been getting up to.

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