10 songs to inspire you to #MeetMore

10 songs to inspire you to #MeetMore

The world has stopped moving. We’ve found ways to come together but our global economy is in distress.

Business events are how we fight back. This is a call-to-arms to professionals everywhere. Together we can get the world moving again.


If you were inspired by our call to arms, we hope this playlist will continue to provide you with inspiration and excitement for the next stage of the journey for our industry.

Which song is your favourite? Let us know on social media by using #MeetMore!

1.      Come Together – The Beatles

We couldn’t have a playlist about meetings and coming together without including this classic song from The Beatles.

“He says I know you, you know me

One thing I can tell you is

You got to be free

Come together, right now

Over me”

2.      I’ll Be There For You – The Rembrandts

Best known for being the theme song to the TV show F.R.I.E.N.D.S, we thought this song really represented how our industry has come together over the last few months and supported each other during tough times, even when the rain began to pour.

“I’ll be there for you

(When the rain starts to pour)

I’ll be there for you

(Like I’ve been there before)

I’ll be there for you

(‘Cause you’re there for me too)”

3.      Meet Me Halfway – Black Eyed Peas

While this song is ostensibly about a romantic relationship, we thought it could very well apply to a relationship between #eventprofs and our love of events. There’s not much, barring COVID-19, that would stop us getting to events!

“I travel round the world and even sail the seven seas

Across the universe I go to other galaxies

Just tell me where to go, just tell me where you wanna to meet

I navigate myself myself to take me where you be”

4.      We Go Together – Grease

We think IBTM goes well together with the events industry, like “dip da-dip da-dip doo-wop da doo-bee doo”! Do you agree?

“We go together

Like rama lama lama ka dinga da dinga dong

Remembered forever

As shoo-bop sha wadda wadda yippity boom de boom

Chang chang changitty chang sha-bop

That’s the way it should be

Wah-oooh, yeah!”

5.      The Passenger – Iggy Pop

Events returning = travel returning. How else are you going to get there? Iggy Pop perfectly encapsulates the excitement of travelling to a new destination, being a passenger as you either fly, train, or drive your way there.

“I am the passenger

An’ I ride and I ride

I ride through the city backsides

I see the stars come in the sky”

6.      Come Together – Franky Wah

The message in this song is definitely one we agree with – we can’t wait to come together at IBTM World 2020 to share our passion for the events industry and metaphorically (because we can’t literally) join hands with our community.

“People, come together

Let’s share some passion tonight

People, come together

Let’s join hands, this moment is right”

7.      The Boys are Back in Town – Thin Lizzy

Pretty self-explanatory, this one. We can’t wait to be back in Barcelona in December! Have we mentioned that yet?

“The boys are back in town

(The boys are back in town again)

Spread the word around

Guess who’s back in town”

8.      Love Train – The O’Jays

With The O’Jays name-dropping so many different countries in this song, it seemed the perfect choice to demonstrate the coming together of our industry both during COVID-19 and after it when we can all #MeetMore.

“People all over the world (everybody)

Join hands (join)

Start a love train, love train”

9.      Ain’t No Mountain High Enough – Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell

There’s nothing that will stop us meeting more, whether virtual or face-to-face, and we hope nothing will stop you from doing the same. #eventprofs can move mountains if we have to – it’s all part of the job description.

“There ain’t no mountain high enough

Ain’t no valley low enough

Ain’t no river wide enough

To keep me from getting to you”

10. Barcelona – Freddie Mercury and Montserrat Caballé

We had to end on this song. While it’s not specifically about meetings, it is about where we will be meeting. Barcelona has been our host city for many years and we’re so excited to be back there again this year.

“Barcelona – Such a beautiful horizon

Barcelona – Like a jewel in the sun”


We hope these songs have given you some motivation to get out there and #MeetMore! You can listen to the whole playlist here on Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/5M4ACFxoKlcWeoL5IAMFx6

While we are gearing up for IBTM World 2020 in December as our next big event, that doesn’t mean we have to wait until then to be meeting and connecting and collaborating within our industry.

Our IBTM Connect hub is packed with blogs, webinars and videos, all for you to use to keep up to date with everything that matters.

And, we hope to see you in Barcelona! Register your interest here: https://www.ibtmworld.com/

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