top 5 AV Tips – get what you need when arranging your AV and IT facilities

top 5 AV Tips  –  get what you need when arranging your AV and IT facilities

Organising an event or conference and you need integrated AV and/or IT? Don’t know how to start? We hope our start-up tips will make your life as a planner a lot easier! Our tips are easy, but will save you a lot of time when organising your technical support.

  1. Define the objective of your event
  • What is the goal of your conference?
  •  How do you want to make the objective clear to your visitors?
  • What kind of experience do you want to achieve?
  1. Never think you have to figure out by yourself what you need in terms of AV
  •  Make it clear to your supplier what your objective of the conference is and they will support you in facilitating a tailor made solution.
  •  So don’t feel embarrassed if you do not know what you need in terms of equipment.
  1. Specify your wishes/necessities
  • What kind of general solutions do you need?
  •  Will the programme include a spectacular opening ceremony?
  • Do you need IT support as well? Think about presentation management or ‘branded’ digital signage for example.
  •  Do you want to integrate the corporate identity of your event into the technical solutions?
  • Will your conference include break-out sessions? If yes, how many?
  •  Does the venue offer enough rooms to accommodate your visitors/delegates?
  1. Be prepared on the operational details (they seem obvious, but are actually quite convenient)
  •  How many people will attend your event?
  •  What are the operational hours? When can we build up or break down?
  •  What is the name, location and map of the venue?
  •  Who is the contact person onsite during build up/during the event/ break down?
  •  Do you have sub-sessions during your event and how many rooms do you need?
  •  Will you work with presentations during the conference? If yes, how many?
  1. Don’t stress out; leave the details to the specialists!

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