The importance of AV in the events industry

The importance of AV in the events industry

Whenever there’s an opportunity, it’s always important to educate our clients about the role of AV in this fast growing events industry.

We always say that using good quality AV equipment and with the proper execution by highly skilled professionals, the favourable end result is almost a given. Studies show that the use of AV in classrooms is highly effective as it stimulates the class better, resulting in improved grades for students. The same is true for all types of events that require audience connection and participation.

Important factors that every planner should consider when sourcing AV solutions

  1. AV Equipment – Specifying certain equipment for a job is not enough. Although it can be an added value, the latest is not always the greatest. They have to be of high quality, well maintained, and even tested to be able to deliver a fully seamless customer experience.
  2. AV Specialist – Professionals who have a wealth of experience in installing and using the gear are the ones to look out for. A well-qualified Project Manager should be on hand to help every step of the way. They must be experienced enough to be able to give technical advice from the conceptual design and planning through to trouble-free execution. They must have a technical team of equal calibre at their disposal for support.
  3. AV Company – Reliability and credibility are two significant words when deciding which AV company to go for. Organisers should do a bit more research than just looking at the quote. A proven track record of running a series of successful events must be seriously considered before working with them. Check out their qualification and certification.

If they get all of the above, their event is off to a good start. However, there’s always the budget. Sometimes it is being squeezed to the point that it is difficult to work with.

There is a whole load of reasons why we exist. Our part in delivering a promising event, whether it’s a small meeting or a big conference for thousands of people, is extremely important and should not be underestimated. AV companies like ours do invest to raise the standard of our products (tools and equipment) and services (manpower) through training and even collaborating with the manufacturers.

Why should event planners engage a pro AV company?

  1. We can turn a concept or ideas into reality. We visualise our technical concepts using 3D CAD drawings, 2D and 3D renderings as well as photo-realistic renderings and VR presentations of the event to give a realistic impression.
  2. The audience is able to grasp the message and connect with the brand properly.
  3. We enhance human interactions thus leave a lasting impression on the audience.
  4. AV pros provide substantial value and help in overcoming the challenges presented by the event by identifying and reducing potential hiccups from the beginning.
  5. And if something does go wrong (as it does sometimes) these pros know exactly how to troubleshoot and find alternative ways so the show goes on. Their technical know-how differentiates them from the amateurs.

The list continues, but the point of contracting a pro AV is to ultimately make the most of the client’s investment.

In the digital world of AV, the use of VR (virtual reality) in events is now a trend around the world.  Clients are able to gain a fast impression of ideas for corporate events, new products are easier to grasp, spaces can be experienced in 3D and with a 360-degree perspective.

VR technology enables the audience to immerse themselves in a virtual world in real-time anywhere, sales staff experience a training session on product specifications in a brand new way, draft designs or spatial concepts are made more tangible to customers and their suppliers.

Some pro AV companies provide consultation on the use of these innovative technologies, analyse possible usage scenarios, and create corresponding applications.

Expert event planners know that it is important to get the right kit for their event to be a success. They are fully aware that they can never get this outcome if they do it themselves or leave it in the venue’s in-house system.  You can meet a plethora of AV providers at IBTM World, the event for event professionals, and find the right one for your event.

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  1. You made a good point when you said that you must choose an AV installation company that is experienced enough to ensure a trouble-free execution. My supervisor at work was tasked to hire a commercial AV installation company no later than this week. A new conference room was installed in the office last week, and it is important for an AV unit to be installed right the first time.

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