hotels & venues are selling the wrong thing…

hotels & venues are selling the wrong thing…

More and more Conference Planners are getting frustrated with hearing the same old pitch from hotel sales teams. They want to partner with venues that get their world and want to help them solve their challenges. If you are pitching that way, you will be listened to…

The rules of engagement have changed. Social selling has had a massive impact on our industry. We must engage with the Conference & Meeting Planner on their terms. They are not buying a Conference Room or indeed the hotel or venue.

If you are selling a hotel the same way as you were 2-3 years ago with Features & Benefits – results will be limited and you will become more frustrated chasing clients. I hear from Directors of Sales all the time of their frustration – they are knocking on doors, they have teams on the road, they are disappointed with the number of leads they are generating or indeed the quality of them!

Some are losing beautiful pieces of business and I can see why. I’ve been a Venue Finder for 10 years; I see the conference client’s perspective. They are buying what you can do for them – they are not buying a luxury hotel or a memorable experience or even a great location.

If you are hungry for business and want to see your business from your client’s perspective, join me as the team at ibtm events interview me for tips that will guarantee you WIN more Meetings, Conference & Event Business.

This webinar shares how the Planner wants to work with you and how you can go home from the show with a lot more leads. I’ll show you your business through the eyes of The Planner. Hotels that have followed the system I have developed on how to do this have increased their conversion rates to 75%.

Watch the free webinar here and download the ‘cheat sheet’ here!

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