Spotlight on Venice: Venice and its Lagoon

Spotlight on Venice: Venice and its Lagoon

The queen of the seas.

With its infinite charm and enchanting landscapes, Venice is one of the world capitals of culture, art, architecture and entertainment.

Built over 118 small islands on the lagoon, and crossed by canals, Venice is one of the biggest historical centres in the world. Internationally known for its uniqueness, it has been the tourist city par excellence for centuries, having perfected over the years its ability to welcome its visitors.

The cultural offerings in Venice

Churches, museums, theatres, public spaces, art galleries, crafts and excellent shopping opportunities are present in every corner, and visitors can tailor their knowledge of the lagoon city in countless combinations, enjoying the prestigious possibilities for accommodation and gastronomy.

The cultural offer of the city is among the widest and offers temporary events throughout the year, such as art and photography exhibitions of great interest, sporting events (Historical Regatta and Venetian rowing regattas season) and traditional events (Festa del Redentore, Festa della Sensa, Venice Carnival, etc) on the water and more.

19.02.2017 Carnevale di Venezia 2017 CREATUM. “Volo dell’Angelo” Claudia Marchiori dal Campanile di San Marco. © Italo Greci/VELA S.p.A.

Thanks to the presence in the city of some of the most prestigious cultural institutions – the Venice Biennale, the Teatro La Fenice, the Gallerie dell’Accademia, the Peggy Guggenheim Collection, the Pinault Collection and the Fondazione Prada, just to name a few – Venice offers visitors opportunities for all tastes and fields of interest: from ancient art with its main museums to contemporary art, from architecture to photography, from theatre to classic music, from opera to contemporary music, from high-quality craftsmanship to contemporary design.

But Venice is also an open-air museum.

And just strolling along the Canal Grande and through the calli (streets)and campielli (squares) where the urban structure has remained substantially unchanged over the centuries and where the stratification of history is clearly perceived, is in itself an experience that is worth the trip. Travelling by public service along the main waterway allows you to grasp, on both sides of the Grand Canal, the ability of the Venetians to build on the water and a great variety of architectural styles that the richness of the palaces testifies.

The splendour of the churches of Venice

Another important asset of the city are the churches of Venice that contain some of the most extraordinary artistic treasures in the world. One thousand years of history and faith are expressed in their architecture, paintings, sculptures, finely crafted gold and precious fabrics preserved in these fascinating monumental constructions. St. Mark’s Basilica, the Basilica of Santa Maria Gloriosa dei Frari, the Basilica della Salute and the Church of San Pietro di Castello are just a few examples of these remarkable Venetian monumental buildings.

At one with nature

Furthermore, Venice is also nature, with the water mirror of the lagoon and the activities related to Venetian rowing, with its smaller islands where you can stroll in the open air or by bicycle, with the beaches and the coastline of Lido, ideal for all types of outdoor activities.

Venice is the only city of its type in the world and a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1987 representing a cultural and natural asset of exceptional value, demanding its preservation and transmission to future generations.

A sustainable tourism – not altering the natural and artistic environment, and not obstructing the development of other social and economic activities in harmony with the daily life of residents – is necessary to preserve the extraordinary beauty and uniqueness of Venice.

#EnjoyRespectVenezia is the City of Venice’s awareness campaign designed to direct visitors towards the adoption of responsible and respectful behaviour towards the environment, landscape, artistic beauties and identity of Venice and its inhabitants.

2021 is a special year for Venice

This year, 2021, marks the 1600th anniversary of the foundation of Venice, commonly recognized on March 25th 421, and the City will be celebrating with an exciting program of events organized and promoted by the local authorities, institutions and associations, which includes exhibitions, museum and city tours, conferences and seminars. The Venice Municipality is promoting and coordinating projects related to the celebrations and it is planning a year-long calendar of events, retracing its grand past and the great challenges of the future. This celebration will be the occasion for re-launching tourism in the city, after the pandemic, and to test a more sustainable approach to tourism. The program will be available shortly on the dedicated website.

“The ideal venue for meeting and events”

Well connected with the main international networks, by air, through “Marco Polo” International Airport, third in Italy for scheduled passengers, by train, by road and by water with its Cruise Port, Venice is the ideal venue for meetings and events.

It has a capacity of up to 1,400 pax using venues located both in the lagoon and on the mainland, each characterized by peculiar characteristics, such as:

Venues for prestigious, modular and multifunctional events, in particular the congress centre of the Palazzo del Cinema and the Casino at Lido of Venice

Or prestigious historical sites such as the Palazzo Ducale or the historic Arsenal, the symbol of the “Serenissima” Republic power and military prowess, and heart of its naval industry.

The whole city with its campi (squares), calli (narrow streets) and water spaces can become a theater for events, flashmobs and product launches.

Thanks to the collaboration with the most prestigious cultural institutions – Palazzo Ducale and others civic museums, Teatro la Fenice, La Biennale, Peggy Guggenheim Collection, Pinault Collection, Fondazione Prada, several churches, – it is the perfect destination for a post conference activities and for leisure time.

The activity options are endless

Sports facilities at Lido (18-hole golf course on the Lido built on an Austro-Hungarian fort, overlooking the sea, lagoon and WWF oasis, horse riding, archery, tennis, rowing and rowing, yachting), visits to artisan workshops of excellence (glass factories, masks, traditional boats, fabrics …), and team building events are some of the numerous possibilities that the city can offer with the support of Venezia Unica Convention Bureau by Vela, the commercial mobility and marketing company of the city of Venice, 100% owned by the Municipality of Venice.

Vela deals with public transport, the management of venues for events, the organization of the main traditional events in Venice (Venice Carnival, Historical Regatta, Festa del Redentore) and acts as the city’s event commission. It provides tourist information and reception service by managing over 60 front office points with over 200 employees with ticketing operations.

“The City of Venice, in 2021 celebrating 1600 years since its foundation, is for ENIT the ideal partner to convey the values consistent with our tourism development strategy, both for the leisure and the meeting industry. Venice, together with its prestigious university and academic excellences, are leading the path for a restart based on sustainability, inclusion and diversity.”

Maria Elena Rossi, Global Marketing and Promotion Director, ENIT

This post has been powered by the Venezia Unica Convention Bureau.

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