Spotlight on Trieste

Spotlight on Trieste

The City of Wind, Vienna by the Sea and the City of Coffee

The main conference centre in Friuli Venezia Giulia is Trieste, which offers top-level and state-of-art congress venues, access to excellent hotel facilities and a proven track record of over twenty years of experience

Set in an unrivalled corner of the world, between the white karst landscape and the dazzling blue of the northernmost part of the Adriatic Sea, Trieste has always been a vital meeting point between the East and the West. The city that for centuries belonged to everyone and to no one still has the cosmopolitan soul of a place where different cultures, languages, religions and traditions can meet.

TCC – Trieste Convention Center is the new conference Centre of  Trieste, situated in the centre of Porto Vecchio, one of the most interesting industrial recovery areas in all of Europe.

Its auditorium is the largest in North-East Italy with a capacity of 1,856 seats, to which are added 5 additional rooms, bringing the total seats to a capacity of 2,770. The Centre is enriched by an exhibition area of 5,000 square meters which gives the possibility of organizing not only scientific exhibitions alongside events but fairs, exhibitions and poster sessions.

This new centre adds to the region’s meeting industry capacity, supplementing the Stazione Marittima Congress Palace (floor space of over 2,000 m2 with 980 seats, 6 rooms with advanced technical equipment for scientific sessions, 5 rooms for parallel sessions and 400 m2 of exhibition space), flanked on three sides by the sea and located in the city’s cultural district The number of quality hotel facilities can accommodate 3,000 people plus another 8,000 additional accommodation places in the city’s territory alone.

“Trieste is more than a city. It is probably the most Mittel European city in Italy, a unique melting pot of art, culture, and nature. The city has been a crossroad of cultures, a creative mix of Austrian splendour, and eastern Europe’s strength and flavours, with a strong and innate Italian soul.

Elegantly nestled in the most eastern part of Italy, and freshened by the typical local wind, la Bora, Trieste is surrounded by astonishing hills, natural beauty, UNESCO heritage and a unique seafront. Its architecture mirrors its vivid, shiny cultural life because Trieste hosts some of the most renowned university hubs as well as the famous and oldest literary cafés, where European and Italian writers, artists, philosophers and psychoanalysts used to meet to enjoy the best coffees, as well as share ideas.

But Trieste is also a solid business city: its marine tradition and its enviable position always made this city a point of reference for the Italian economy. Moreover, its location, just on the Italian border, as well as its harbour system, make Trieste a perfect venue for exclusive, elegant and uncommon events, congresses as well as incentive actions, where bleisure activities are very easy to plan, also thanks to its extensive service network.”

Maria Elena Rossi, Global Marketing and Promotion Director, ENIT

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