Spotlight on Puglia

Spotlight on Puglia

Puglia, the Luscious Meeting Destination

Puglia combines a business penchant with an extraordinary historical heritage, delivering top-notch MICE services across splendid settings, for any type of event.

Business Break with an Authentic Flavor

Authentic and contemporary, Puglia is a mosaic of culture, art, food & wine, nature & architecture, guaranteed to make a big impact on visitors seeking the ideal mix of business and leisure.

The meeting industry boasts unique locations for special events, such as the UNESCO World Heritage Trulli and the typical Masserie.

A sense of continuity with the past and a strong local identity are mixed with attention to detail, making for unforgettable happenings.

Puglia is a very desirable destination for foreign markets, and when it comes to bleisure the number of foreign tourists has grown by 150% over the last ten years. With events and activities taking place all year round across the region, Puglia has become a sought-after destination for international business.

Team building and incentives in wonderful natural surroundings

Meetings and conferences are organized in woods, national parks, fascinating canyons, ravines, crypts and caves.

The Gargano National Park covers 120 thousand hectares spread over 18 municipalities and features many interesting places to visit: San Giovanni Rotondo and San Marco in Lamis, the Swabian castle of Monte Sant’Angelo, the castle of Manfredonia and the coastal towns of Peschici and Vieste.

Added to this are several protected areas including the Marine Reserve of the Tremiti Islands, with backdrops of extraordinary beauty and intriguing natural caves. The Umbra Forest, whose beech woods have been a UNESCO World Natural Heritage since 2017, is the largest deciduous wooded area in Italy and one of the largest in Europe: its 10,500 hectares of surface is a perfect place for team building events.

Work meetings with a sea view

One of the main attractions of Puglia is its eight hundred kilometers of coastline.

In Bari, the capital city, the lights are reflected in the waters of the Adriatic.

After attending a conference at the Teatro Petruzzelli in Bari – the ideal location for high-impact meetings with its 1,500 seats and a stunning program of classical music, theater and opera events – one can enjoy a walk through the vibrant Murat district, or the refined Umbertino and the historic old town, Bari Vecchia.

That walk will culminate at the Castello Svevo, the Norman-Swabian castle, the Saint Nicholas Basilica and the San Sabino Cathedral.

As the capital city of Puglia, Bari is one of the most important logistic hubs and harbours of Southern Europe. It is the main business pivot in the Southern Adriatic coast of Italy and it has always been logistically linked to Eastern Europe, thanks to the long tradition of sea exchanges in the southern Adriatic part of the continent.

The presence of the massive Nuova Fiera del Levante contributes to the economic vivacity of the city. Elegant and beautiful, Bari is also a vibrant city, thanks to its rich cultural life, its Teatro Petruzzelli – one of the most important theatres in Italy – and the presence of one of the most prestigious universities in the Country.

The city, stylishly nestled on a delightful waterfront with its iconic historic centre and shopping area, is surrounded by Mediterranean nature, famed summer destinations, UNESCO heritage sites and masserie, and it is easily reachable by train and plane.

Maria Elena Rossi, Global Marketing and Promotion Director, ENIT

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