Q&A with David James, Co-Founder of Events | Travels | at DMC Menorca

Q&A with David James, Co-Founder of Events | Travels | at DMC Menorca

As part of our Culture Roadshow for IBTM World 2022, we sat down with our finalists at the show to find out more about their destination, how the culture of their destination can inspire event planners and anything exciting coming up in 2023. In this blog, we’re talking to David James, the Co-Founder of Events at DMC Menorca.

How is culture important to your destination?

Menorca is a land with cultural evidence. Menorca is human, gastronomic, artistic, historical, ethnic and natural.   

Do you have any specific new initiatives or projects on the way?

Everything is accelerating. This year, Menorca is the European region of gastronomy. 2 weeks ago, Pau Sintes was awarded the European Young Chef Award. The first Lazareto music festival took off this summer. The actions of sustainability for the preservation of the island are intensifying. In 2023, Menorca will celebrate its 30th anniversary of being labelled “Biosphere Reserve” by UNESCO. The direct air connections and the de-seasonalisation become a reality—and many other surprises.

What sets your destination apart from the competition?

Menorca is not just a destination. Menorca transmits inter-generational values around authenticity, preservation, humility, and security. Through our agency, we think we have touched people while bringing sincerity and professionalism.

How can your culture inspire event planners?

Culture, in a broad sense, is a recurring demand today for all of our corporate clients for the creation and organization of events and travels. To meet these different expectations, we have created 2 new concepts.

SECRETO: A concept that´s about discovering Menorca during a whole day, “to the rhythm of the sun”, in the most respectful and sustainable way possible, with a 0km objective, 0 plastic, solar and electric energy.

ENTRE PARENTHÈSE(s), which is about making people travel differently through privileged and experiential encounters with personalities who make Menorca, who live Menorca, who share Menorca, who are Menorca.

How has being a part of the IBTM Culture Roadshows supported your brand this past year?

As an ambassador of the destination Menorca, our receptive agency really enjoyed being able to explain all the assets and values that represent Menorca. To have competed at IBTM Culture Roadshow and to have been awarded Best Cultural Campaign is a great satisfaction with an impact of major visibility. It is for us the reward for our great teamwork.

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