How to re-invent yourself

How to re-invent yourself

The power of re-invention resides in the ability of self-belief. But, how can we be so sure about believing in ourselves? Well, I would say we have no other solution than asking ourselves who we are and why are we here, what is our mission in life?

Are we really sure we know how to answer that? I do not think so…

Let me explain why I strongly believe we need to search into the depths of ourselves to give our best and deliver 120%.

Starting the journey

We have traditionally been educated by our parents with their values and they have always been trying to decide what´s best for us. They tried to pick the best possible path based on their criteria to have a successful life, whether it is in business, sports, arts etc…

Probably some of the most important decisions in our life were made at an early stage, perhaps while we were in school or college. However, we can’t forget the fact that these decisions were influenced by our surroundings, whether that’s family, friends, or other influences.

Choosing to reinvent

Sometimes, we may get to a point where we feel that what we have been doing all our whole life was not exactly what we wanted to do, or probably was but not forever…

We start to feel that there is much more to explore somewhere else, much more to discover, new things to do, to win and to lose. In general terms, there is more much more life to be lived in front of us.

So, when we realise that, we have to think: What are our impulses? What are our dream jobs? How can we make it happen? Now is the time!

Taking that step forward

Life is a rollercoaster of moments.

We all have the power in our hearts, hands, and heads to become successful. It doesn’t matter if you live in Spain, Africa or you were born in Silicon Valley, success is personal and is not PUBLIC.

To complete the fulfilled circle in our lives we need to feel valued, but by who?

We need to feel valued by ourselves first, we need to love ourselves first to understand the rest of the things happening around us! Answering the question above the most important value in order to believe in us is to love ourselves first.

Loving is not wanting, loving means respecting yourself, understanding. Love will lead to fulfillment and will lead to self-attraction and self-belief; this will make us feel stronger and capable of moving mountains.

We can do things that we cannot even imagine right now. That an attitude that we can decide right here right now and not a goal of necessity! It will move our inner self to places we have never believed possible.

Jaime Alguersuari is a former Spanish motor racing driver, currently a music producer and DJ. He advocates for constant reinvention and encourages others to set out new objectives and conquer new dreams. He is also a conference speaker with Thinking Heads.

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